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    Is the August Closed Founders Beta timeline still accurate?

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    As far as we know, yes.

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    I am really starting to get concerned by the lack of info or community interaction from the devs. I understand that it will be a busy time with closed beta supposedly coming soon, but it has been several weeks now without anything.
    It does not take long for a community manager to post a screenshot, some info, anything, in order to promote the game.

    Complete radio silence is not what anyone would expect from a company right before one of their largest milestones.
    If things are going to be delayed significantly they would know already and will have updated us.
    At this point the only thing I can assume is that the devs have either severely underestimated the work required and do not know how to break it to the community and thus are not promoting the game. Or, (hopefully) their marketing director is not on the ball or just does not know how to build hype and take advantage of the upcoming beta in order to promote the game.

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    I hate to be a downer but I actually agree. My first concern was ordering Founders. You actually had to buy it via mobile, and I had to borrow someones phone in order to get it. Thought that was quite odd and should have been noted by them in some way. Then the weekly video round table's that were supposed to be more consistent. I understand if they want to put more man hours into making the game ready asap and on the deadlines, but we need information and we're getting zero. On discord the Dev's do talk but its nothing of importance usually. Having someone say something important at least weekly or bi weekly just to give some hype and some kind of motivation to stick around would do wonders for them. Even if its just something that takes them 5-10 mins to do. "Hey guy's here's a juicy screenshot of this cool armor, and just so everyone knows we're on track for the founders beta". Or having one of the Dev's do a more frequent pod cast with one of the youtubers for 20-30 mins would also be super awesome. Even if we only get 1-2 new little tid bits.

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    @cheekydroid-0001 said in Closed Beta:

    My first concern was ordering Founders. You actually had to buy it via mobile...

    There were browser related issues (BUY button initially didn't work for me on Chrome), but you could absolutely get founders without using a phone. I ordered mine on the same computer I'm typing this message with.

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    @ghostcat-0001 Yeah? Not the first day then. I was concerned that I would miss the ball with 100k, but turned out not as many people jumped as we had thought. The point was communication any who man.

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    They're still on track for late august.

    @CheekyDroid#0001 There were people buying the founders pack the first day from their PC, so that shouldn't have been the issue. If you have an issue go to the support section on the forum and make a topic with your issue or ask in the discord, if you come and don't even say anything then how can anyone help you out with your problem. Can't blame 'lack of communication' for that. If you just asked for support I'm 100% sure someone would've been able to help you out.

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    I ordered mine from the PC. But yeah i totally agree, a little concerned by the lack of updates in general. I cant see anything from them for about a month.

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    This is my personal opinion, and hope this helps to comfort some of the worries, and further more, I am not a dev, but have a positive outlook. :-)

    From what I have read, and seen what work has gone into this project, I don't think that the lack of communication is that much of a concern for me, because to me, lack of communication, means they are working really hard in reaching their deadline of,"end of August".

    To me, end of August means August 31st.

    Come September 1st, if we do not have closed beta, or any information from a dev at that time, then I would be worried.

    Rome was not built over night, nor has any game, that has a long time running reputation, was made in a month time period. On an average, it takes appox. 4 1/2 years for a game to be produced. Beta's are a time of development, and a time to see where the project is standing. It is not a point of,"does the game run" only situation, but also other factors involved of rather if the servers can handle thus coding and traffic.

    I am very excited for this game, and can not wait for the,"Final" product. Patience is a virtue, and together, we all will make this game great. Let us make sure that we, as a community do our jobs, in giving feedback as much as we can, and not let it be, a bragging only purpose, that we got into beta. We as a community has a daunting task of giving proper feedback to the dev's about any issue we may encounter.

    Again, I feel like that we will hear something soon, it is only the middle of the month, not the end of the month.

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    @rusalty-0001 An update was posted today in the forums and the blog.

    There won't be a closed beta, but instead an introduction of something called The Forge. They will be letting founders in first, but it will be a live version of the game that will get weekly updates from community feedback apparently.

    We'll get access to the live game probably in early September if I'm not mistaken.


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