Can we get a mute ability on the forums?

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    There's been some people making stupid topics about "OH WHEN IS MAVERICKS GOING TO BE RELEASED" "THE LACK OF COMMUNICATION IS ABSURD" "MAVERICKS IS GOING TO DIE WITHOUT A RELEASE DATE" (The last two are not even true.)
    It's getting annoying hearing this a thousand times on the discord, but on the forums is just torturous. I'd like an ability to where these topics get moved somewhere or closed due to similarities in many topics.

  • Moderator

    There's already an option to mute things on the forum.

    Click on the category you want to mute, click the 'watching' option and it should give you the option to ignore that category.

  • Moderator

    Since I can't edit posts on phone, I'm making another one :face_palm: , but I'll ask sam (the community manager) once he's back in the office if I could/should do anything about 'duplicate' posts and what I should do. As of right now I just answer questions and remove posts and ban people that are obviously banable.


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