Available players for a game vs Forcing players into a lobby

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    The title sounds off but I was wondering how the devs are going to tackle the issue of filling up a lobby of 100 players or to let a certain number of players fill a lobby based on the availability of players. And if there is a ranking system how would they go about filling up players into a lobby.

    The only game I can think that has issues regarding matchmaking and ranks, together, are rocket league and league of legends (most likely other MOBAs) where it can take between 30-60 minutes of waiting in a lobby before joining other players at top tier ranks.

    How do you guys want the devs to handle this?

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    iirc solos have 400 players and 5 mans have 1000 players. seeing as how many people are interested in the game before it even launches, it should be pretty easy to fill games up. if i had to guess you will probably open a menu while you are inside the game in the main mmorpg area to q for a game. ranking systems all depend on how many people are playing and how many are playing at each rank, if they scale it right it shouldnt be that much of a problem. the reason why league games for example can take a long time to q in high elo is because there is an incredibly small percentage of players in that rank. 70-75% of people are within bronze and silver, which are the 2 lowest ranks


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