Sup Maverick players!

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    Wanted to take a second and say hello to everyone, get my name out, and learn some others before this game BLOWS up! 32 year old gamer dad, been at it since Atari!
    Highly competitive gamer and always will be! Played under Lethal6 for a few seasons as a R6 starter. Winner of the first R6 ESL tournament under Suicide Drive! Chrome hound Global winner DFLW GB Winner, been around and dipped into tons of different style games. Currently playing a lot of Tarkov and mixed with PUBG and fortnite in the down times. I can not be anymore ready for the next level of gaming Mavericks is about to bring to the table! I stream daily and always down to game with mature skilled people. Mo0ch2686 is my tags on everything related to games and streaming! I am not self promoting just looking for a group to get things rolling with when the game is ready and we can play. I am on discord and apart of a very established org. Nomads org. so anyone looking to make some friends and dominate the playing fields, hit me up and add me! Looking forward to Mavericks and kicking some butts! See you all around and on the battle field!

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    Welcome @Mo0ch2686TV-0001. Looking forward to seeing you out on the Proving Grounds.... preferably though a 8x scope attached to a big-ass rifle! 😛

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    Welcome, eh , pro gamer dad 😛 👋