It's a GROWER, Not a shower

  • Founders

    Mavericks advertises game mechanics that we rarely see in a lot of games today. They promote a prominent tracking system in which you can follow blood trails or footprints to track wounded or new enemies all through out the map. Which is unseen in an BR game so far. They're going to have the game change from day and night throughout game play giving you a more immersive experience. The weather system or the animals that will be roaming around are all things we have seen in games but not a BR. Just looking at the barebones of the game it will be leaping over its competition in no time. That being said it makes sense that little aspects of the game will release at a time this allows them to fix core issues those "barebones" of game play that make them stand out from the competition. I am personally excited about the release whether I get it day one or a month later, you can tell the Dev team plans to constantly update and shoot out more content aka "citizenship". I am also glad to see it is free to play. We need more GREAT free to play games for the community. It allows for more Varity of play experience eing able to play with all of your friends even though you may want some cooler cosmetics then them 😉 Just my thoughts excited to watch the game grow and play along with!