IronBorn reporting for duty [AUS]

  • Founders

    Hey Mavericks 👋

    Just putting the feelers out to see if I can find some like minded players to team up with when this thing goes live.

    I'm a chill 30 something Aussie that loves gaming. I work from home so I can be down to play all sorts of weird hours.

    Keen to see what this game has to offer. Hopefully server locations can offer a reasonable ping for all of us downunder.

  • Founders

    Hey IronBorn. I am eagerly awaiting the launch for us founders. I am a 21 year old from the US and love gaming. If you wanted someone to try the game out with I'll be around. I work that 9 to 5 but I am on most evenings which I believe would be morning for you. If you are down just let me know. Invite is to anyone. Thanks my dudes.