[TFC] Is Recruiting For Our Multi-Gaming Community!

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    Region: NA

    Members: 60 members on Discord. Several active throughout the week.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/znWFTuH

    TeamSpeak: TaskForceCoalition.typefrag.com:4895

    Looking for: 21 years or older, gets along with team, willingness to learn/co-operate with team.

    Tactics: Yes

    Battle Comms: Yes

    Attendance Needed: People work, we work with that.

    Other Games: Pubg, Mechwarrior Online, BATTLETECH, Destiny 2, War Thunder, APB: Reloaded, Holdfast and more!

    No requirements other than what is stated above.

    Sweet and simple. We would be happy to have you! Please join our Discord channel to contact us.

    (We are a Casual team with a Semi-Competitive sub-division in Pubg.)


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