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    This would make it easier for players to inform devs about glitches in beta testing and after release.

  • Pretty sure you will be able to report bugs ingame or via a different method so they aren't broadcast to other peoples who could abuse them.

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    I imagine each beta phase will have its own sub forum accessible to those in the beta. Keeps it nicely segregated :)

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    If I were the devs, I would post an announcement article for each update in Announcements > News or Updates then link to an official place to discuss everything related to JUST that update.

    This would cover a broad spectrum of things, and perhaps they could require tagging such as bug, exploit, glitch, suggestion, feedback, likes/dislikes (about the update) and so forth.

    I think it would be important that after the beta phase, exploits are discouraged from being shared publicly as accounts will probably not get a clean wipe after that, and it would through the in-game economy out-of-whack.


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