Mavericks Season Tier cosmetics & achievements (MMORPG Style)

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    When we progress/level our character up in a season let achievements and levels unlock these seasonal cosmetics and rewards. Release these seasons similar to WoW by charging $15 for the season access which may unlock a new section of the city, new cosmetics, and more specifically new levels.

    For a BR when we reach max level and a new season comes around let our characters Prestige Call of Duty style and start back at level 1 with Season 2 access that way Season 1 people still have to max out. Have these past achievements still accessible with an achievements log and progression page for those achievement hunters.

    I'd be fine with being charged as a citizen so long as there is an extreme amount of new cosmetic & content. Not every cosmetic needs to be drop dead amazing either. I wouldn't mind some simple new torn white t-shirt with my diablo skull helmet that I got for reaching 100 wins.

    • Prestige back to level 1 to initiate new season
    • Achievements page with cosmetic unlockables
    • New sections of the city for Seasons

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    This is a great idea, maybe this will be somewhat covered with the Citizenship plan?