Video: One Thing PUBG Does That Mavericks Should Never, Ever, Do!

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    In this video, I talk about how wait times can kill a game.

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    This may be my single greatest fear about the project. These 400 to 1,000 player lobbies they're touting simply won't work unless the game has an immense and active player base. It's a bit of a Catch 22 situation, as you need a truly impressive game in order to draw that many players, but a game of this nature will never be impressive if its servers are empty.

    For me personally, the increased player count has never been a selling point. I really wish they'd focus on delivering the standard 100 player battle royal experience with great gun play and rock solid server performance. Section off a small, random area of the map for each game so player density is preserved, and perfect the basics first. If they can do that, the game's popularity will snowball and larger player counts on larger sections of the map will become viable. That's when I'd like to see SpatialOS stretch its legs, not in the beginning where it's likely to outrun what the player base can reasonably keep up with.

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    It would be interesting if they added in a wait time limit. Say, if you queue and the first person in the queue group started a little before you, it would take no longer than 2-3 minutes from their queue time to start up. Whether there's 30 or 300, you'd get into the game quickly and have the zone on the map begin in a smaller area based on number of players.

    I'd love to see something like that implemented in Mavericks.

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    It's a good point.

    (Didn't watch the video as I wasn't a fan of how you are trying to boost your video instead of just listing the easily explainable problem in text)

    To those that don't want to watch the video, the problem that could arise are extremely long wait times. If a match has 1,000 players, you could be waiting in lobby's for 20-30 minutes before actually getting into a game.

    I believe this is why they are implementing an interactive lobby (Similar to the COD: WWII lobby), a place that will give you things to do while you wait. But it is still a problem. As most people don't want to wait 30 minutes to play one match.

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    @pvpavement-0001 This wouldn't be a terrible idea. For example, have a max waiting limit of 10 minutes before it forces you into a game, and the game "storm" circle would be based on amount of players currently in.

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