Team / Clan / other...

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    Hi to all Founders and Devs.

    I hope and imagine that could be under work now or defined by devs.
    But I come here to purpose a reflexion around tools and options for grouping, manage and recrute members on the fly or for long time.


    • Base on "Team" term, surely reserved only for the "on the fly" grouping... or more...
    • What could be the term defining "Clan" or "Guild" (if planned) ?

    Options/Values :
    For all possible terms, could be define some options or values :

    • "Clan", "Guild", "Team" (or others terms) members limites.
    • For "Team", could be possible to hope a "Squad" function appear in game ? Like 4 Teams (4 is largely enought) leaded by 1 to 4 leaders (1 for all 4 to 1 by team) ? That could be a huge way to generate massive pvp events : Clans War !
    • What are the possibles values for Clan or Guild to define max members ?
    • Is it necessary to limite it to 20 members at the first time for exemple ; and upgrade it with a leveling model ? I think it's usefull, but old mechanic...
    • Is it interesting to develop a shared container for these members ? Common stash...
    • How to design management options and permissions ?
    • Number of profiles ?
    • Profiles customization or not ? (naming, perms)
      I hope touching here a good point of interest for all ; interesting peoples here to participate at the enhancing of in game cohesion and cooperative experience.

    Expose here your feelings, ideas or complements of reflexion.
    Best regards.

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    If I am reading this right, and forgive me if I am wrong, You would like a clan and guild wars variation. And with that it would be a 20-40 man squad rather than the generic 5 or less. I believe that is a great idea and was thinking of the sort myself. A clan/guild should have the ability to create a unique outfit to distinguish from other clans and when in a clan battle the whole team would outfit to their clan outfit. This would have to be a limited function as it would be hard to have clan battles that you queue up for and then wait 2 hours to start for a sufficient amount of clans. Maybe set it to one clan battle per hour starting on the hour or every two hours. It may also be a good idea to get smaller clans or less active clans the ability to pug a nonaffiliated member to top up if needed there by allowing both small clans and solo players the ability to take part in something I could see as an integral aspect of a game working on the scale that Mavericks is.

    You may actually be talking about a guild for outside the shooter aspect of the game in the town. In that case I also support this but rather than a 20 person limit it should be along the lines of 100-200 person limit and not have limits by levels as that makes the game stagnate to 5-6 big clans that would dominate everything. Leveling may be possible in the common outfitting that I mentioned in the first section of my thoughts. It might even be cool to elect to take your clan outfit as an alternative to your basic outfitting to represent. I am not advocating to allot very many resources to developing "skins" as this is a money sink that will satiate the few and cause major grievences with many donors. Many of us donated to support a change of scale not a change of skin in battle royale.