Bounty mode

  • Founders

    100 players or more?

    5 minute countdown (time to loot and hide)

    After 5 minutes 1 player becomes the bounty. So designated by some kind of different hud? when you look at them? or a picture of them is sent to all players? Their name comes up?

    Bounty has to reach a certain place, escape - or live. He is endowed with some additional powers/gear meaning that hunters could only defeat them by collaborating? Squads of 5 and they need all squad members to be present to defeat the bounty, kind of likethe Ghostbusters crossing their streams to defeat Gozer the Gozerian. If one squad loses players they would nead to team up with another sqaud to complete the 5.

    The bounty could have the ability to go 95% invisible for a limited time at the cost of armour and attack ability?

    Hunters could either collaborate or fight each other? Whoever survives when the bounty is caught shares the reward?

    The higher skill base or exp of the bounty means higher reward? Legendary players could be bounty? Imagine Shroud as a bounty or Fugglet? Dr Disrespect?

    New bounty could appear during the game - mid game excitement? Bounty could work within regular game types?

    Could be multiple bounties, say 500 players and 5 bounties? bounties could team up enabling super powers when they combine.

    Could make for some interesting game types.