Oh please...........

  • Founders Banned

    why don't you post the entire conversation then????? that would put some context to what was being talked about and how the admin comes in telling me im "whining about stuff that was never said"... well I proved u wrong and you got butt hurt..... and I truly believe that's why I got the ban considering ive seen WAY worse said in the discord.... whatever I really don't need discord to look at the content... I stick to what I previously said.... PG conversation happened... admin calling me a liar and got proven wrong and didn't like it. conversation quickly went elsewhere,Is what it is... still a ban with no warning... immature admins on the discord. post the whole conversation

  • Admin

    I don't care about why you said whatever you said, I care about the incredibly childish way that you reacted to something.

    So that's a ban from here as well if you're clearly going to continue shit posting and acting like a child.