A game mode outside of the social hub that allows LARGE teams would be fantastic

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    Hey team and fellow founders,

    With my group of friends we have a constantly-recurring problem in PUBG and most other games we play. That problem is team size restrictions.

    We are a group of friends who are often anywhere between 2-12 people at any time and it breaks my heart anytime we're, say, playing PUBG squads and then two more friends show up and we are in an awkward place where we are 6 but we can't all play together so we need to leave two people out.

    Perhaps the MMO open world part of the game could support large squad numbers for cases like these? Even MMO-ey shooters like Destiny have this issue where you are limited to 3 people per squad even in open world and it is a feelsbadman

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    This please. I would love more objectives and larger team play modes, I think a 3 or 4 split team in the 1000 lobby would be interesting.