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    Hello Automaton! I wanted to ask you an important question about rewarding the player(s) who play the game. How is the game going to motivate players to actually survive on the Proving Grounds? What is going to be the carrot that motivates the player to try their best and be the last man standing in the end?

    For example, in Playerunknown's Battle Grounds, the players are pretty much only being rewarded with Battle Points (BP) based on their success in the battle royale. However, these points are used to buy crates that 90 % of the time are useless, unless you use real-life money to buy keys to open them. When you open these crates, they contain cosmetics used to decorate you character and guns. You don't need to actually win in the battle royale to earn large amounts of BP, so in the end, every customisation item is open for every player (if they are willing to spend money).

    When you actually do win in the battle royale, you are given a larger than normal stack of BP and a mark in your statistics to prove that you have emerged victorius from the Battle Grounds. However, these statistics are being reduced back to zero on a monthly basis.

    What I'm trying to say here, is that the rewarding system does not motivate the player to aim for the victory. You don't get anything unique to show for it and even your statistical history gets wiped off; the players can't leave their mark in the game's world. Since there's no incentive to carefully craft a winning strategy, gather information from the field and eventually engage in a dramatic confrontation with your heart pounding through your chest, the system is largely responsible for creating a player base that goes in guns blazing in the hot zones and aims to get as many kills as possible, because that is the only satisfaction the Battle Grounds can offer to them; action and gun play. A player that lands somewhere quiet, loots carefully, avoids unnecessary attention and battles finally finds his way to the last circles after half an hour of work, only to get his head blown off by a camping sniper in the bushes. After this happens for the tenth time, that player is left with a sour taste in his mouth and he suddenly starts thinking "why am I even doing this?" and then proceeds to join the player base described earlier.

    I and probably many other players would like to know: How is Mavericks going to handle player rewarding to keep the Proving Grounds a place that you want to conquer?

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    We intend on having rewards based on a multitude of different stats at the end of a game. The exact rewards and how they're distributed on round end are still being discussed.

    It's something I'd really like to go into more in a larger write up with our game design team at a later date when we can go into specifics.

    Throughout The Forge, we'll be collating the stats from the games that are played and using these to help give us a better idea on how rewards should be distributed and balanced as well no doubt.

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    @anunnaki said in Question: Player rewarding:

    We intend on having rewards based on a multitude of different stats at the end of a game. The exact rewards and how they're distributed on round end are still being discussed.

    I have a follow-up question related to this same thing. You mentioned "rewarding at the end of a game", but how about rewarding during the game is on?

    During it's beta, Call of Duty: Blackout showed a very interesting mechanic with it's looting system; the player could find these "treasure chests" scattered around randomly in hidden and hard-to-reach areas. They contained loot that was somewhat comparable to an air drop. This design choise was interesting, since the battle roayle games are huge and open world, this game actually rewarded players for exploring and adventuring the map. For example, in PUBG, the maps are huge and filled with unique and interesting locations (caves, bunkers, light houses, desolate islands etc.), but the game does nothing to encourage the players to actually seek out these locations and explore them, since they contain the same low-level loot that can be found in any small shacks around the map (or nothing at all).

    In Mavericks, the game world will be bigger than anything we've seen in a battle royale game before and this team is surely going to design a beautiful world full of interesting places. It would be a shame if most of this world was left unseen, just because the players want to seek out the best loot in only a few selected locations.

    Let's add this to the forementioned write up: How is Mavericks going to motivate the players to explore the Proving Grounds?


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