What about a Demo?

  • I'd really like to test your game, like many others as I would assume. I don't want to invest 30 bucks into it before testing tho. I am afraid of ending up with another PUBG.
    Are you planning on releasing a Demo-Version of the game? Like restricting the player to 10h of gameplay or something like that.

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    @kabu-0001 The game will be free to play after the founders only period. When exactly that will be I don't know.

    But Founders will have at least 4 weeks exclusive, then more players will start to join, starting with those E3 sign ups.

  • But isn't that rather destructive for a game which is depending on lots of players?
    But glad to hear that it will be f2p in the end :) Just sad that it will be too late then to support the game in it's early stages if I should like it.

    Another thing which made me wonder is why do new topics need approval? That is a bit worrying to me.

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    @kabu-0001 There was a lot of spam bots trying to sell supplements and stuff.. I think you just need to be approved for your first post maybe.

    I'm not sure what you mean by destructive, if you mean revenue for the game then they will sell citizenship subscriptions and cosmetics. But the basic BR will be free.

  • I mean that if you offer a game with matches up to 1000 players at a time you need to have a huge player base. If you limit the amount of players at the start of the game I think it could give the players a bad impression.

    Oh well that makes sense :)

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    Well the first 4 weeks for the founders will really be testing, feedback and iterative updates.. Basically a beta period in which any major flaws in the game and bugs can be ironed out... So probably for the best before opening the doors to everyone, I think more would be put off with a badly glitched game. (If that was to be the case)

  • That is actually a good point, even tho I doubt one can iron out major complaints in just 4 weeks. I just hope the best for this game as it seems to be promising.

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    The game will be free to play and open to the public before its official release (which was slated for December 2018).

    @kabu-0001 said in What about a Demo?:

    Just sad that it will be too late then to support the game in it's early stages if I should like it

    They did mention they will continue to sell the Founder's package throughout the beta (what is now the forge, but the information is old) until all available 50,000 units are sold, or they would end up setting a date to end the 'promotion' of sorts.

    Either way, you can support the game by:

    • playing it
    • recommending it
    • buying citizenship
    • buying in-game currency

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    New post approval is to combat spam bots that register on the forums while we're not here. Sadly it needs to be in place for now while we try and work on something to combat them.

    We wont be releasing a demo version in that sense, the initial period of The Forge is open to Founders and will be under an NDA initially.

    The game will be free to play after it's full launch when The Forge period has finished.


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