Idea: User determined UI (except for the game logo)

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    The title says it all, it would be cool to have the UI be completely modifiable, and movable for players (with the exception of leaving the game logo always in the same place)

    This would allow streamers and gamers to develop their own thing..

    I think it would be really cool and innovative.. but maybe that's just me..

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    It's a good idea. It'd be interesting to ask the devs in a Q&A down the track whether it's technically possible.

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    I noticed in CoD: Blackout they had the choice between two different mini-maps, either round or square.

    This could also carry over to what you are saying in that we could have 2-3 predetermined UI layouts that can then be swapped interchangeably. This would make it a whole lot less of a headache to implement, but still serves its purpose.

    The UI designs can be designed by the community, so it effects the majority of users:

    • [UI #1] The standard UI that is intuitive for new users
    • [UI #2] Competitive UI (idk what that would entail, but its an idea!)
    • [UI #3] Minamalistic UI (again, just pitching ideas here, good luck coming up with the specs for what this would include)

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    Sure, yeah different layouts would be better than only one, but I think the real game changer would be having it be completely editable.. you can take stuff out.. move everything around wherever you want it.. change the opacity?

    Although, I do realize that the more options you get in this regard, the more time the developers would spend on something that could be considered superfluous..

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    How about including an API and an option to disable the HUD. I'm sure someone from the community would end up making a customisable overlay for Mavericks.

    Minimal work for the Devs, unlimited options.


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