5 must know details about the Forge. Show this to your friends who might be interested in the game...

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    Feedback for this video is highly appreciated. I spent hours editing the script before I even began recording, so if you guys don't like this video, simply telling me how to make the next video better would be a great help.



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    Same as what one of the YT comments said: Your voice is unnatural, especially in the pace.

    I'm really not very good at public speaking, but the one bit of advice which I have found really helps is to not have a full word-for-word script. Use bullet points and expand them out naturally as you speak.

    Also, don't real off lists of things which can never practically be complete. So instead of saying "Screenshot, videos, audio, number of shops in the capital" just be done with "any game content". Same for reeling off social networks - you'll never list them all, so just keep it generic:- "...on your social network of choice...".

    It comes across like you had a 3-5 min video and you have desperately tried to stretch it to 15 mins. When, actually, a 5 min video would have been perfect.