Mavericks: The Forge - Delay FAQs

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    Q: Is the game still on track to release this year?
    Our release methodology has changed in the last few months. Rather than phases such as ‘Closed Beta’, ‘Open Beta’ and ‘Early Access’, we’ve now got two phases: Mavericks: The Forge (pre-release) and Mavericks: Proving Grounds (full release). We’ll have more information to share on an exact release date once we launch The Forge and we start gathering player feedback.

    Q: Can I get a refund?
    Yes. Founders who no longer wish to be part of the Founders community can request a refund. We’ll update our most recent blog ( with details on the refund process on Friday.

    Q: Will Founders still get access before the public?
    Absolutely. It has and will always be our intention to give Founders access to Mavericks first. We view our Founders as an extension to the development team at Automaton, and as we rapidly test and iterate during The Forge the feedback from our Founders will be invaluable in making improvements to the game.

    Q: Why was this not communicated to the public earlier?
    Because we don’t like giving bad news? But seriously, we had to crunch some numbers and take a closer look at the work detailed in our blog ( to determine an exact date we were comfortable in communicating. The new date will make us launch ready and has time built in for any unexpected setbacks. If we could have said something earlier we absolutely would have.

    Q: Is this date likely to be pushed
    Thursday 29th November is 100% the date we’re opening The Forge to Founders. If we don’t hit it then James has promised to visit every Founder individually to apologise in person...with cake.

    Q: Will Founders be able to access at the same time, or in waves?
    All Founders will get access at the launch of The Forge.

    Q: Has the content of the initial release changed now it’s been delayed?
    Nope. Core gameplay features such as footprints/tracking and destructibility will be present in the initial launch of The Forge.

    Q: Will we be receiving compensation for this delay due to the multiple other delays?
    Yes. We’ll be extending Citizenship membership for Founders, and offering free access to others who signed up in June. Find out more information in the blog post

    Q: Why did you announce the multiple dates you did?
    We’ve never intended to mislead or communicate false information. Developments during, well, uh, development (including shifting from beta weekends to The Forge, giving players more access, and improving our test-iterate process) has caused delays we simply didn’t anticipate a few months back. These have all been in service of making a better game and delivering on the high expectations of our community.

    Q: Why can’t we see gameplay if it’s this far through development?
    We’ve been reluctant to share too much gameplay at this point given so much of the game is about the thrill of a 1,000 players facing off against each other in the ultimate battle royale. We’ve still got some months before the game is going to be open to the public (outside of Founders), and we’ll be dropping more behind-the-scenes and in-game content on a more regular basis in the coming weeks and months.

    Q: Why should we believe this date?
    We don’t like disappointing our community. It hurts us as much as it hurts you. We know that shifting dates and delays causes concern and distrust, and a community built on those shaky foundations is not one that is going to last. We want the Mavericks community to grow and thrive, which is why we put the community first when we decided on the new date for The Forge. This new date makes us launch ready and has allows for extra time fix any unexpected issues.

    Q: Why can’t I get my refund now?
    We’re working with our payment provider to do this as quickly as possible. However, there are processes that need to be put in place, so we won’t be able to start processing refunds until Friday.

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    Fuck your game.

  • I, for one, would rather have a great game in November than a crappy game now.
    PUBG did that and see what that got us. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Founders

    No worries, we can wait. We just want a smooth beta / forge! :)

  • Founders

    Thank you for taking the difficult decision to delay the Forge. I'll wait patiently until then, I know you guys will deliver something incredible.

    <3 for the team

  • Founders

    Better late than never ^^

  • Founders

    @cozo-0001 Bye Felicia

  • Founders

    @cozo-0001 Dont sweat the small stuff. You'll drown

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    @partypooper said in Mavericks: The Forge - Delay FAQs:

    , for one, would rather have a great game in November than a crappy game now.

    another delay and to be honest, I think it's not the last Delay we will have at this Point. The Reasoning for Delaying Mavericks again and why we need to wait 2 Additional Months now (which btw will cross the Release of many Great Games like the New Fallout etc) and the Compensation offered at this Point (3 Months of extra Citizenship) is really really Bad.
    This with the Fact that there is no Gameplay Footage at all (ignoring the "Alpha" Gameplay that's released as a Trailer) makes me think if there is something going on that's been hidden from the Community.
    I guess a Large Portion of the Potential player base, including Content Creators etc, will refund the Game and maybe touch it when the "Free Release" comes and tbh I can't blame them for doing it,
    I, however, will give Mavericks the last chance to get Things right on the 29th November. If they Announce another Delay or when "The Forge" is not as good as we can expect it now (realistically), I will Issue a Refund then.

    Otherwise, as I said, I Highly Insist that the Dev Team Discusses Additional Compensations for Founders and E3 Signup People as well because what's offered now is not enough

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    Q: Why was this not communicated to the public earlier?
    Because we don’t like giving bad news? But seriously, we had to crunch some numbers and take a closer look at the work detailed in our blog

    What a dismissive answer. Are you saying we are stupid and that your communication strategy should be apparent? Probably shouldn't make a big set-back for people who have supported your game into a joke (Don't even know if it's a joke at this point, seeing how poor communication has been)

  • Founders

    Look... I have been supporting your game ever since I heard about the plain concept of it a year ago. I have been following this game non-stop and was extremely eager and passionate to be able to play it in August (as I was supposedly promised). Later I heard about that one month delay, but that didn't matter to me, I still wanted to support and defend this passionate project. But now, that the forge was meant to release on the 20th of September, I made sure to take a few days off of work to be able to play it (these days off were really hard to get), and now 2 DAYS before the supposed founders release I hear that the game is getting delayed ONCE AGAIN but this time for another 2 MONTHS. I really want to defend you guys working on this project, but let's be honest this was a really irresponsible thing to announce only 2 days before the release. This simple problem could have been solved if you would have been honest with your community, but this wasn't the case. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to refund the game as I still have high hopes in your project, but this is something really disappointing and irresponsible due to the lack of honesty of the dev team.

  • Founders

    We were told at one point the end of August, then September 20th, then now November 29th. I understand there are complications; however, why say something and not deliver.

  • Founders

    Current status = Rolling on the floor laughing at all the people that can't construct a sensible paragraph or use a shift key while they are bitching and whining about poor communication! :joy:

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    :white_check_mark: I am a founder!

  • Founders

    god fucking FUCK, i bought this yesterday and was extremely hyped for it releasing soon, but for fucks sake, come on, dont wait to delay this shit a mere 2 days from expected release, tell us sooner, and please for the love of god keep your word about this being the final delay.

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    I just happened to be on your website in anticipation of the 9/20 launching of The Forge, had I not I would have been sorely disappointed come Thursday.

    As a developer I get the delays, but what I can't understand is the piss poor communication. We could argue back and forth whether 2 days was sufficient or not, but what I don't get for the life of me is why couldn't you have sent an email?

    Had I not come looking out of anticipation how would I have figured it out? When I tried to install the game on Thursday?

    I'm fairly confident in your development staff, but your marketing department sucks unkempt man ass. Sort it.


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    Let's say that this plus being banned on this forum for a downvoting that I didn't do (nothing to complain there's something wrong with your website, I didn't even contact you to clear the air, just got a laugh when I read the email) it's the perfect recipe to take the chance to get a refund. I wish you luck to pull this off, I'm gonna check the game when it's done.

  • Founders

    @illiminator31-0001 FREE game is gonna be so great...we all just want another fresh game to play..FREE never ends with a good that we founders are out $30 guess not so free and still gave us the shaft..THANK you.

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    If developers need more time for a quality launch of The Forge, then I do not see a problem in waiting for another couple of months. Everyone wants to see as quickly as possible the progress achieved by Automaton since the announcement of the Mavericks: Proving Grounds. This is all wonderful, but if you recall the history of the gaming industry, you can see that hundreds of projects were postponed for a variety of reasons. Very often, the desire to meet deadlines led to sad results. If the guys from Automaton have taken such a step, it means that it really matters to them. This is quite an ambitious project and I'm sure that developers spend a huge amount of time to run The Forge. If the product does not turn out to be bad and eventually we get something really new, then I will be proud that once I believed in Automaton and became one of the founders!

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    Two month additional wait for the Forge and half the founders lose their mind, all the while us Star Citizen believers (praise thee lord Chris Roberts) are masters of patience.

    In all seriousness I admire the vision of this game and I'm willing to wait for a better product. Take the time you need, we'll be waiting...


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