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    So back here again with an other thread! Let us review, last time you guys announced that it would be pushed back originally to September 20. I had a problem with this and wrote a thread on here. Well lets just say that my thread was flooded with what seemed to be either mods, devs or just people who can't stop sucking the tit that is mavericks saying things like, "get over it" "we have addressed all of this" "we never said you would get first access being a founder". Well I went to your own website and pulled a direct quote from it stating "Founders will have access to the game before anyone else". Even still I was yelled at and call a baby. I just came here to say that as a person who paid you $30 (whether it was for citizenship, early access of whatever other BS you want to say it was for) I am loving the fact that your discord is turning against you! It is soooooo shitty that you are pushing the game again. Your company is shit, your game seems to be shit (who knows, NO ONE HAS PLAYED IT YET!!!) Your business ethics are shit and now your timing is shit with all the other companies coming out with BR mode. I asked last time how to get a refund and you guys said sorry its past 45 days. I am accepting of this but I was just in the discord and they ALL want one now hahahahaha So good luck with your bs release date schedule and trying to keep most fans who are over it. Guess ill hear about you guys in 10 years when CHOAS does a youtube video again ab out the top 10 games you paid for that were rip-offs!!!!!!! #dueces #yousuck #maverickswho #sayimwrongandyouabitch

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    No-one is pushing the release of the game (yet).

    Go away and learn how to write in sentences and paragraphs and also what it means to be part of a pre-release development process.

    Oh and, as it still stands, Founders are STILL going to get access before everyone else.

  • Founders Banned

    @gargoyle-0001 thank you, this is exactly the response i needed to get me to change my ways. You really are a stand up guy! Thank you sooooo much man. It is gamers like you that give these companies power. I will learn how to "write in proper paragraphs" for you if you do one thing for me, make sure when you bend over for them that you do it at the waist, can't have you out of commission when another company wants money up front for nothing ;) Having the beta (now forge) pushed twice for a total of 4 months is not promising. If you put out a release date and then take money from people you better have something..... Finally bro, last time people were forgiving this time the majority are ticked off and you are the minority so have fun with your game and here is a site where they make water based lubes for those nights you spend with the devs of this game #thisguy #tellmetogoaway #haha #updabutt #youisdumb #iwin #maverickssucks

  • Founders Banned

    @gargoyle-0001 Sorry were you busy taking it up the pooper? I'll wait then............

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