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    Jordan (Jordan#0001)



    Saskatchewan, Canada

    Marriage Status

    Technical Support for Pharmacy Management Systems


    • Being on Discord when I should be working
    • Pretending to be a moderator ("hurr durr luk ima mod luuul banhammer")
    • Spending WAY too much time on computers
    • Stalking Automaton Staff


    • Hot Dogs, Pizza Pockets
    • Sleeping
    • Rocket League
    • Being an ass to people on the freeway


    • My wife's snoring
    • "Light" beer
    • Making Introduction threads
    • That feeling when you're just about to fall asleep, but then you wake up because you feel like you're falling and you can't get back to sleep so you start re-watching the Office again for the nineteenth time and your body's at that weird temperature where you can't decide if you want to lay under a sheet or freeball it so you go and turn on the fan hoping that will do something, but it doesn't so you just keep watching Netflix thinking that maybe one more episode and you'll get some sleep, but you can't and you look at your phone and it's 3am and you've got to be up in 3 hours for your 7am shift, so you debate on whether or not you'll be able to wake up to your alarms if you go to sleep now, and eventually decide just to stay up, but end up falling asleep anyway and work calls you at 8am asking where the hell you are and it ends up ruining the rest of your day.

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    Wasn't accepting applications, but YOU sir, are hired!

  • 11/10 intro. Like wow, just wow.

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    Yeah, this is without a doubt, the one introduction to rule them all. 🙌