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    Hey devs, if you read this! Don't let all the haters get to you. I work as an IT dev as well and I know it can be tough to keep deadlines, especially if introducing new tools into an existing environment. I gotta admit that announcing a 2 month delay 2 days before launch is a little bit late, even CIG (star citizen) used to announce delays earlier (before they quit making deadlines at all), but I have confidence in you guys and in the tools you are using. I took a look at spatial OS and from what I saw im pretty impressed. I'm sure you guys will make everyone who refunded wish they hadn't. Which is why I'll definitely not refund and I want you to take all the time you need. "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." - Shigeru Miyamoto

    Also to all the haters, especially the founders who refunded: How much was it? 30€?? Most games out there want you to pay double, some even four times that amount to get early access! Or in the case of star citizen, you pay 60€ to get a starter pack for early access and need to pay 100€-1k per ship to actually have fun ingame (don't mind my star citizen-criticism, I spent almost 1k on that game, but it is f***ing expensive). 30€ is about 3.3 hours of work at minimum wage where I'm from. Considering most people receive a lot more than minimum wage, I really don't get how some people freak out over investing about 1-2 hours of their lives in order to spend multiple hundreds if not thousands of hours ingame. But thats just my opinion I guess.

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    Oooph, a third heart break. I read it as 29th of September and thought it was only a 9 day set back. Oh well, PUBG will have to do for a few more months then. I still have faith <3

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    Still waiting? Or was there any new gameplay or mechanics introduced at any point in the last 4 months?


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