Take-away from the AMA with James

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    Although the nay-sayers are already on Discord complaining there is "nothing new", I think there were some good individual answers and explanations from James. Picking off a few details here and there.

    However, I think there is also a very positive "feel" when you take all replies together.

    Automaton know they need some improvements to the process with which they communicate with us all, and they are taking steps to make those improvements.

    Additionally, they are clearly working with some complicated technology and they are not afraid to make tough decisions (like delaying Founder access for 2 months) when it's the right thing for the final product. It would have been a far easier decision for a company which cares much less about it's product to have just given us (Founders) any old crap to play for 6 weeks - that's clearly not how Automaton are going to go about it, which is a GOOD thing!

    (Edit: Best way to see all the answers is to jump direct to James' profile:- https://www.reddit.com/user/JamesJacmob)


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