Sept 20th Sad Day

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    This was supposed to be a good day for the BR-type gaming... But now, we have to wait 2 months before getting a chance to try it out.

    Fair Warning Automaton: if there is another delay, come Nov. 29th, you will lose almost all of your player base (including myself). Benefit of the doubt for this delay, but I guarantee that you will not get a second chance. Better make this delay count.

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    This was already their second chance. A lot of us are dropping them and their game after this. It's looking more and more like another No Mans Sky by the day. Constant delays days before the servers go up, no details on anything, all content kept secret. They've done a very poor job marketing, and an even poorer job keeping those of us who are/were interested happy enough with the situation to stick around.The least they could do is give us some gameplay footage we haven't already seen, showing the progress they're making upon the delays. I'm starting to think there isn't a game being made at all.

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    This post is deleted!


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