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    Do we have any idea of what will be the system requirements ? After a quick search on internet I didn't find anything and there's no post about it... It's in my mind really important for a game that have a preorder system to announce at least what they think could be most likely the requirements

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    Q: System Specs
    A: Windows, DX11, with modern CPU and GPU (These specifications remain vague as we work on optimization throughout the Forge period).
    For full launch we are working on linux, mac and console along with lower end PC’s and laptops.

    ..and this is known.. (Remembering this is in reference to the very first iterations of the game and not be taken as final in anyway)

    Our basic target is stable 60fps on GTX 1060 even in our earliest builds. There will be more optimisation from that point, and we will continue to optimise based on feedback from The Forge. We're confident that we will be extremely well-optimised by launch, including supporting ultra-high framerates.

    It has also been said that they are using some 970s at the office. (Don't quote me on this though.)

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    ok I missed that, thank you! it's a bit vague but it gives an idea


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