Video: Analysis of the FPP handgun Twitter teaser.

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    Here's my video analysing the FPP handgun teaser from yesterday. I also give a quick update of new info mentioned in the AMAs.

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    G'Day! Teaser analysis here!

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    Good job on the video! However, I have to criticise one part of it: in your video, you were talking about the gun animations in a slightly negative way, pointing out that they don't fully look like they would be performed by an experienced shooter; and you are absolutely correct on that. Wheter this is an intentional choise from the developers or not, I think it has a reason when thinking about the story. This next quote is directly from the Mavericks' story page:

    "It [The Capital] houses the highly valued prisoners that pose a threat to society, political status quo, and territory."

    When we are looking this issue from a story perspective, I think it is really reasonable to assume that all of the Capital's "residents" don't have military training or any kind of experience with guns prior to their ventures in Proving Grounds. It makes sense that weapon animations look rugged and unprofessional when, for example, a life-long politician is thrown in the middle of a battle zone and told to survive.

    Also, when talking about personalization, customisation and different factions, it would be a nice touch to add different gun handling animations for players who chose The Last Special Forces as their faction. This faction most likely consists of people who have prior military experience and because of the militaristic nature of this faction, they probably train their people like a military force too, so it would make sense that they handle their guns like professionals.