how the game died

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    teasing us with great gameplay and letiing us wait so long.
    I'm a patient person and i'll wait for a release as some other funders. but dudues !!! wtfayd ??
    like everboby els, i'll ask for a refund at the first f***.

    is this game dead ?

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    How can a game be dead before release?
    If you truly are in the run to keep waiting, don't be doubting the devs about their teasers and Q&As

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    game doesn't have to be released to be dead. hopefully this isn't the case for mavericks but who knows.

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    game is clearly in early access as you can see with your founders banner lmfao take a chill pill dude

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    @dracas-0001 like no man's sky?

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    This is "early access"? More like "early can't access". This game seems more like a scam than a game. So happy I'm a "founder" for whatever "this" is.

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    And how does turning the servers off help the devs delivering ingame content for the game? Its not like the servers are preventing them from providing content. Except for the time when they decided to delay updates, even through they promised to update the game weekly. But hey, broken promises are something usual here.

    Seems more like they are trying so save some money, since nobody is playing testing this garbage anyway.

    Im so fed up with how you are treating your founders (ignoring all the unhappy ones), and I regret deeply falling for your marketing bs (gotta admit, marketing was really good. At least someone in your company doing a good job) and founding this. I would have more joy burning this money.

    "1000 players in a match!" But only 400 simultaneously. (Minor details, right?)
    "Yeah, in summer there will be a beta"
    "Yeah, in fall there will be a playtest"
    "Yeah, in november there will be the forge - early version the game (not a tech demo) with cool features like tracking"

    And then we got this: Empty and soulless techdemo with a few weapons and insane amount of bugs. Majority of the community stoped testing after a week.

    Some1 from the community compared it to "Goldeneye on N64", but lets be real, Goldeneye was miles ahead of what we got delivered and probably still is.

    And what do we have a few months later? Empty servers being turned off and a social hub with concept art of how it looks finished?
    Maybe I should have founded this with an concept art of my money... sounds fair, right?

    Arent you ashamed of yourself?

    Also: why was the majority of posts asking for refund deleted? Afraid of scaring off potential founders?
    Dont worry, as long as I´m here, I´m going to tell every person interested in buying founders pack the truth about your garbage game.

    Want me gone? Issue a refund.
    But you wont do it. If I get a refund, every other unhappy founder will request it too and then you will probably go bankrupt.

    And Sam, dont even bother mentioning the 14 day return policy. I founded this in summer, in summer the description of the product was completely different. And in the fall you guys still overpromised the content of the initial forge launch.

  • Nobody forced to buy the game =)
    would sit and wait for release, or free access ....


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