Feedback: AMA with Automaton Animator Rob Moody

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    This is a thread to discuss the most recent AMA (10/10/18) which can be found on the community forums or reddit.

    This thread is to provide the developers with some insight as to why you enjoyed reading the AMA, and perhaps any suggestions you could provide towards animations.
    Please, if you refer to a specific video in your suggestion, include the link in your comment with a title where possible.
    Ex. Sprinting into - loop variant or Sprinting into - loop variant

    Firstly, I think the announcement of the AMA across various media channels a day prior to the AMA with friendly reminders shortly before led to its success.
    This led to plenty of time for some great questions to be asked prior to the time dedicated for the animator, Rob, to answer questions.
    It is great to see the community (you guys reading this) devote your time into asking questions, and Automaton for keeping the AMA consistent, and on time.

    Overall, I think this experience was both valuable to the retention of the communities interest in the game, and will help shape the outcome of the game seeing as the community could pitch in ideas and suggestions for improvement now that they have something more provided to them than words alone.

    Rob - and the Automaton PR that let him leak so much in game footage - thank you for putting in thoughtful answers, as well as getting to as many questions as possible, and even getting back to one on your time through the community Discord.

    Keep up the work, and I hope I speak for all here; excited for what is to come.


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