Zombie Mode,Dynamic weather,pvp, wild animals etc

  • I think there should be zombie mode along with all the real player so that players would need to fight through zombie and real players to win the match,zombies would serve as distraction as they will do minor damage if they caught the players,also add traps,players can use traps for their tactical advantage, also maybe crafting system like you craft health packs with herbs or something i don't know lol necessary crafting components to make traps,put snakes in grass or something so that so they would bite the player who love to spam prone action lol and last dynamic weather like rain,storm day and night cycle.The pvp mode would be cool too and so does the wild animals roaming around the open world map in regular match

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    This sounds like you played a lot of BO4 recently . . .

  • Are you kidding me? the stuff I described none of them present in bo4 except maybe zombie lol

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    Dynamic weather and a day and night cycle is already in.
    So are wild animals.

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    Dynamic weather and wildlife are planned for Mavericks launch.

    PvP might need expanding on though, the BR mode is PvP but I assume you have something specific in mind?

  • @anunnaki Sorry I meant like typical teamdeath match mode where you can respawn many times 4v4

  • This post is deleted!

  • @anunnaki Okay but please add zombie mode differently not as regular/classic match also here is little suggestion I read the story here about Maverick on the site how it begins maybe make single player campaign based on it not at launch but as post launch content I'm sure people will love single player campaign also one more question what graphic engine are you guys using?

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    I like the idea of having zombies along with other players but I would be more interested in a mode that is Zambos vs. Humans where the zambos are also controlled by players. They could do like 200 armed humans vs. 800 unarmed zombies (or maybe the zambos can only use melee weapons?). I think that would be sick. Also, make it so the zombies can be dismembered so a zambo with no legs can still crawl after you or a zambos with no arms can still chase you but can't use melee. Imagine a bunch of zambos just floating down before you all limp and twitchy in their parachutes.

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    I think the devs should be focused on making Mavericks a good game before looking at "additions." I want them to be focus and not distracted by cool things they could add to the game.


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