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    Rules are subject to change and will be expanded on as our community continues to grow.

    Rule 1
    No spamming or trolling.

    Rule 2
    No personal attacks or harassment. No politics. Racism/sexism will not be tolerated.

    Rule 3
    No linking of steam profiles in negative ways, you are welcome to link your own steam profile or share a link to a guide but it is not okay to share a profile and say “Report this person”, “This person is cheating” etc. If you would like to report another user please contact a member of staff directly.

    Rule 4
    Do not post NSFW content of any kind. Posts, links or images of explicit content such as sexual content, nudity or horrible injury will result in an immediate ban.

    Rule 5
    Keep posts in the correct categories. You can request a topic be moved / deleted if it's in the wrong place. General should be used for Mavericks related content, and Off Topic for posts on various other things.

    Rule 6
    No trading or sales outside of the Mavericks Economy related forums. No trading of real world goods or services.

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