All weapons shown and some accidentally leaked info.

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    A quick YouTube video for anyone interested in what weapons have been shown so far and some accidentally leaked info from this very forum.

  • Mavericks still in development and this video is from edited video by e3 show. So, i hope trailer open only some portion of weapons, cuz its look like low counts of them.

    What we dont see there and what this can be?

    1. Cocktail molotov
    2. Some variants of nades. Cuz if only default variant aka like f1 its too bored.
    3. Smoke throwed? no dmg? Like throw smoke nades and hope some new modefications for weapons like m203 for colorful smokes. For example for tactics:
      red for enemys
      blue for loot
      green mean clear
      Why not add some not default pubg like weapons. I see devs have plans for some features from the site like tracks, but i dont see new ideas for weapons and mods.

    Best regards.

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    wow I definitely like the idea of colored smoke grenades for various tactical reasons. That would be so cool!