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    Hello,I am from China, I want to mention a little gameplay:

    1. For example, if you enter the game, you will appear in the protected city of the game. How to have a huge cliff at the edge of the city or at a certain location. Players need to start the game in this game and jump directly to the cliff instead of jumping from the plane. Down, the plane jumped down so it was boring, because pubg and cod15 are the beginning of this game, it seems not creative.

    2. Regarding the leaderboard, the leaderboard is made into a picture similar to that of the AI. It is very interesting to set it in the city center of the protection city. Other leaderboards can also be set up like this.

    Ps: I would like to mention this. I use Google to translate into English. I don't know English. I don't know if I have a translation.





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    Umm . . . The game isn't even out yet. How do you have insight of the gameplay?

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    This post is deleted!

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    @dracas-0001 I just made a few suggestions on the game, let them not learn from the pubg start game and jump off the plane.

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    @qianmu-0001 Eh, ok i guess


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