Is all patience lost on you people?

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    I know you guys are BR players, so perhaps that effects the timescale in which you see your lives, but a couple months or hell, I'd be willing to give a year to extra development to make it right THE FIRST TIME, is far better than release it today and patch and patch and patch.

    Like really, you guys are giving them two options. Sully their reputation by not releasing it now, because you want it now, or sully their reputation by releasing it far to early with missing features and bugs.

    Sometimes I wonder if anyone really has any idea how this shit works, almost makes me think some of you are literal children and haven't been in the gaming community for too long.

    Anyways, rant over

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    Agreed, the kiddies are restless. Unfortunately BR's tend to attract the biggest morons in the gaming community as witnessed with the comments and posts on this very forum.

    Hopefully they don't destroy yet another promising game with their idiocy.


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