Diversify yourself

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    The tried and true formula of BR will get you on your feet, but I and others would like some diversification I am sure. What I mean by that is, while I know the original beta release we will get will definitely be a BR experience, I urge you, try something different. Large 2 team, 3 team, or even 4 team battles (perhaps based on factional allegiance). Capture the flag, cap points, or various other objective game play modes.

    Just please, give it some thought.

    I like BRs, even though I scoff at them from time to time. I come from a background of playing the only MMOFPS franchise to haphazardly make it off the ground in a reasonable way, Planetside. I've played Pubg, RoE though, and the formula isn't so bad, but I and others alike can't suffer it for long weekend play sessions.

    If you need an example of a game that pulled this off especially well, but say, in a different genre sorta, is Halo in all iterations, while the slayer gamemode was the bread and butter, playing something like oddball, or CTF, or even infestation from time to time, really broke the staleness the game would have had. Another would be Black ops 4, but I haven't played that so I am not sure how to recommend it.

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    I think what is great about Mavericks is that the devs said they want to support a lot more activities than just Battle Royale. I think BR will be a great introduction mode, but I 100% agree that they will have to give players some variety to keep things fresh.

    I think Mavericks has a lot of potential to one-up other games like Destiny that TRY to be a MMO shooter but really end up being an MMO-lite with rather repetitive game modes (very few of which are PVP).