A suggestion for the starting of a match

  • When the game starts, There would be no plane, And you would not parachute. You, and 199 other players will start in a big circle, And Inside of that circle, There is a lot of good loot: guns, knives, pistols etc.
    and what about the other 800 players? They would be distributed to 200, 200, 200, and 200.
    And each 200 starts on a random location, on the map, with the same rules as I said. They all have an option to go for the middle, because of the great loot, but high risk that they will get killed, Or play it safe, and get out of the circle and search for a safe house. That is how I would suggest how the game should start. What do you think of this idea?

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    Dunno. I like to pick my drop point.

    The only reason for the circle is to prevent extreme camping and to eventually bring the game to a close - I'm not sure I like the idea of it happening at the start - essentially making 5 mini 200 player BR games within a game!?

    If you take PUBG for example, hot-dropping is literally like rolling a dice. There is a tiny bit of room for parachute skill, but when your feet hit the ground you are at the mercy of the random number generator as to what gun you get. Sometimes you get sweet FA and the player 12 feet away gets an M416 and an Kar98 in the same loot pile - tough shit for you. Sometimes it's the other way round.

    I really don't like that.

    If you "cold-drop" to the edges of the map, you have the chance to loot for longer, but generally with much less chance of getting something decent. Then you get pushed by the circle - again, your play is 90% governed by the randomness of the circle collapse.

    What I prefer now is to "warm-drop". A little distance away from the hot zones, and no real fixed destination. If someone else is too close, I'll change direction and try and find an undisputed compound. As soon as I get a decent gun and a bit of armour, I push my nearest neighbour that I scouted during the drop. A lot less RNG is involved and a bit more tactical play.

    That's just my style though - I don't think the game should restrict the possible play styles too much. Forcing everyone to play aggressive will just mean that people that don't like that particular style will not enjoy the game as much.

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    i want a "room-temp-drop"


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