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    The idea of a player-driven narrative is very compelling and brings a nice, unique spin to the story and lore of the game.

    On the website, it states:
    0_1530263997383_player driven.PNG
    What are people's thoughts and suggestions on how the player will earn said reputation and earn these achievements?

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    I don't know what to expect, the wording is vague "earn reputation […] and donate it" since when is reputation something you can give out?

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    @drizzle-0001 My thoughts exactly

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    Thanks for sharing this.

    I'm really liking this idea. There have been small pieces of information shared over time that hint to something larger in terms of the Narrative.

    For instance, I believe the #03 Environment episode is where its mentioned that Automaton is considering a long term goal of large environmental changes to be possible. Specifically potential to even blow up a Dam.
    Now we are aware that the ITR's base is located at a Dam.

    So the possibility that Factions/ Capital will be competing for power in this manner is compelling.
    Personally I'd be open to the possibility of Factions rising & falling. If new factions came to exist & old ones disappeared, this would create some impacting player driven lore.

    The reputation could easily tie in with these aspects & create a roleplaying history for everyone to see. This could likely affect how outfits/ groups judge applicants, etc.

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    @dufayne-0001 If it gets that deep we could even have an official historian keeping track of the way the tide changes

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    Probably chance events that occur in the open world which are designed to draw players to an area and spark conflict. Maybe recover an objective and extract it and you earn some rep for your chosen faction etc.


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