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    _Mavericks Proving Grounds FAQ

    1. Is Mavericks Free to Play?
    A: Yes, Mavericks: Proving Grounds is free to play. However, players will be able to pay to become a Citizen, a monthly subscription which provides extra features and content. All founders will receive 12 months Citizenship when the game launches.

    2. I haven't received a verification email (Hotmail)
    A: We are currently having issues with some email domains rejecting our emails due to a large volume of them being sent. This is currently affecting Hotmail, users who sign up via Hotmail will not receive a verification email or be able to re-send it. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. For the time being, you do not need to have a verified email to purchase a founders pack.

    3. I haven't received a verification email (not Hotmail)
    A: You can resend the email via the account page. Please make sure to check your spam folder.

    4. Will Mavericks be available on console?
    A: Mavericks: Proving Grounds will first launch on PC, and later be available on console.

    5. When will Mavericks leaving beta?
    A: Early access will be available in December.

    6. Can I live stream the Beta?
    A: This is still being discussed, but will be made clear closer to the time of our closed beta launch.

    7. Will the game run on Steam?
    A: Yes, the game will be available to play via Steam.

    8. I would like a Refund on my Founders pack
    A: The founders pack can be refunded up to 14 days after purchase. Please contact Xsolla for billing support and refunds https://support.xsolla.com/.

    9. Is it too late to receive the E3 exclusive items?
    A: Unfortunately yes, the E3 exclusive items were only available to users who signed up before the 17th June.

    10. Can I change my account name?
    A: As of right now, this is not an option which we provide.

    11. What do the numbers and hashtag after my username mean?
    A: This number is a unique identifier for your account. Each name can be taken multiple times (similar to Battle net or Discord). These numbers are generated in order of account creation with the same name. #0000 is reserved for large content creators and developers.

    12. Will there be a console Beta?
    A: There is currently no planned console Beta, but this is likely to happen closer to the console launch of the game, which is coming after our full PC launch.

    13. My payment method for the founder's pack is being declined/other billing issues
    A: Please contact Xsolla, who provide our billing services, with the error code you received https://support.xsolla.com/.

    14. What does Mavericks Citizenship offer?
    A: Full information on Citizenship benefits will be released soon. However, Citizens (members) will have full access to the game and all of its features, whereas free to play players will have some restrictions.

    15. How can I become a Mavericks Citizen?
    A: Players will be able to purchase Citizenship on a monthly subscription basis. Along with this, players will be able to purchase Citizenship through our in-game currency Bits, which can be earned through gameplay.

    16. The sign-up/founders button isn’t working
    A: Please try enabling pop-ups and if this doesn’t work, try a different browser.

    17. The verify email button on my account page is missing
    A: The verify email button has a cooldown of one hour, which causes it to disappear when used. Please check back in an hour.

    18. Red Bar under email when signing up
    A: This is caused by entering a invalid username, most likely with a space in it.

    19. Will there be in game VoIP?
    A: Yes, eventually. However for beta it’s not a priority.

    20. Will First Person Perspective players be in the same games as Third Person Perspective players?
    A: No, We’re aware of the advantages that TPP offers over FPS in certain situations and strive to keep the game as balanced as possible.

    21. Will items and skins be tradeable?
    A: Items acquired through progression and as rewards for achievements will not be tradeable. However items such as clothing and skins will be tradable.

    22. How can I sell my items, and for what currency?
    A: Items obtained through the game will be tradeable for ingame currency in the form of Bits, through the auction house. Items obtained with Capital Credits will be tradable for Capital Credits

    23. What are the differences between Bits and Capital Credits?
    A: Bits are an in game currency earned through rewards, progression, and from the sale of items within the game. Capital Credits can be bought from the store and used to purchase different items / skins.

    24. Will items bought for money provide any competitive advantages with the competitive game modes?
    A: No, within the competitive game modes these will purely be cosmetic items and provide no advantage to players.


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