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    What i dont get is why (some) people get so offended when i ask for a refund...?
    You like the product you received? great! go play it, give your feedback and help the devs make the game better.

    After the pre-aplha launch was delayed several times, I was expecting something completely different from the launch of the forge. I expected to be able to test more features, i really wanted to be able to say "I dont regret waiting". But sadly i do regret it.

    To be clear: i was not expecting to play a finished, flawless game; i expected something similar to EFT when the paid beta started - huge amounts of bugs, but you could see the direction this game is heading.

    So if the devs want to take their time for the development, i really dont mind it. And if the finished product will be what they promised, I will gladly pay the double amount. But right now i lost my trust to the devs, thats why im asking refund.

    So please: inform me how to get a refund.

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    @baykaga-0001 they ignore us... now i hate this dev team even more

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    Purchases made within the last 14 days are eligible for a refund by contacting Xsolla support. This can be done both by visiting their site or by emailing [email protected] with your order information.

    Purchases older than 14 days are no longer eligible for a refund, to discuss this further, you can contact Xsolla support through the methods listed above.

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    @deadlydeal-0001 i dont hate the devs, im disappointed in them. what they should keep in mind is that a disappointed customer is much more likely to share his expirience with others than a satisfied one.
    So as soon as NDA drops: reddit, here i come 😉

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    @baykaga-0001 what, so you can show la reddit army an unfinished product that specifically states that it is a work in progress? I'll be on reddit to downvote. Blow your nose, pull up your pants, sit up straight, chew with your mouth closed and don't forget to wipe your butt. Grow up, kid.

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    You mean like when they stated specifically that we would have some of the gameplay mechanics in at the beginning to test?

    None of the devs statements mean anything only their actions do at this point.

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    You really need to take this game off the market until you actually have a polished working copy.

    I purchased this founders edition thinking it would be 'almost finished' when the truth is, it is far far from it. All you have done is get a whole lot of people to pay for a game that doesn't work, they probably played it for an hour and shelved it, never to be played again. You have alienated your community right from the get go. If i could get a refund I would.

    You should not be releasing patches over and over and over until you finally have a working copy. This is Warframe all over again... except you have to pay for this.

    If anyone is reading this and considering the game, don't buy it now... Wait another 2 years until they get it working and after IGN or some other reputable reviewer gives a positive one.

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    @mrnono-0001 First of all, when founders was announced the game wasn't free. It was going to be $60 and founders were supposed to get a discount on the full game on release, so there's that. 2nd, There is a difference here because while yes according to your other post this game isn't even in "Alpha" we as their community was promised a product back in Sept....then October....then December and it finally came with all these promises of what the game would be like and extra information from the devs. And it's nothing like what was promised from the beginning at all. Doesn't matter if it is in early access or not, when you create a road map and make it public and promise so much and then fail your community and push back and push back and tell your fanbase they can't get a refund and to just suck it up destroys the community surrounding the project and eventually everyone just wants to leave, not only based on the game, but lack of trust and faith in the dev team and project leads in the ability to create a functioning game.

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    The ignorance in this thread astounds me. You all knew what you were getting yourselves into if you actually read the fine print on the website. This game is being developed around the current founders who paid $30 bucks to help find bugs and glitches as they apply updates and be the first to play the game. You pretty much paid for a full year of premium membership (on a free to play game once it goes into early access) plus a bunch of other perks for half the price when they release premium as the game goes into early access. Stop being a bunch of cry babies, if you want a finished product go play a triple A game like Battlefield.

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    @fykis-0001 your ignorance is what astounds me. how about you actually read this thread?! the main point in this thread is not that we expected a full game, but that we were lied to by the devs. we have not received access to the product that was annonced during the forge introduction. and the fact that the devs dont address it in any way is what made me (and many others) angry.

    also: loled at "if you want a finished product go play a triple A game like Battlefield".

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