My suggestions.

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    My suggestions:

    • In-game FPS counter (to avoid crashes with third party fps counter app)

    • In-game Ping counter

    • Region lock to avoid ping abusers and hackers

    • Option to switch between only Primary and Secondary weapons using scroll

    • Visibility of Armour and helmet hit points left on HUD

    • Option to overlay armour vest and helmet with cosmetics

    • Ability to change colour and reticle of sights

    • Ability to mark(spot) nearby location to facilitate communication

    • Showcase your rewards and items you earned with your friends and clan

    • Add South African Servers.

    If you would like to add your own suggestions, they are welcome. 😄

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    I agree with most of your points except region locking although I know why you suggest it. I'm an American and I like to play with my ANZAC friends. Everything else you've listed are good suggestions.

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    I use MSI afterburner for real-time measurement of statistics with zero performance impact. Works with both AMD and Nvidia gpu's. And if its a steam game, the steam overlay does fps counters perfectly also with zero performance impact.

    IF mavericks ends up on the steam store just to help with sales (which I am totally okay with) we could use the steam overlay with no issue which would be perfect for both chatting with friends and FPS counter.

    100% agree on the ping counter. Maybe a type of "tab screen" like other games that show your KDR and PING, that way we can keep up on our statistics as we play. (think counter strike, but more appealing and setup for a battlegrounds type game)

    Don't care for region lock. Although cheaters are known from other continents, the main abusers are all Americans. CS is a perfect example of a destroyed community filled with cheaters (over 100,000 banned in one month after vacnet was turned on for 5v5 match making, akin to fortnite banning 100's of thousands). If anything, servers should simply sort by ping. You get put onto a server that is your lowest ping as that will offer the best play experience. I also think they should remove any kind of "interpolation" for ping, if you have 80 ping and I have 5 ping, the game shouldn't adjust both of our shots fired to make them "fair". Play on a server that was meant for you.... by getting rid of that kind of "fairness" system where shots are "modified" because of "ping", many who have high ping will "eff-off" and play on a server that is meant for their region. Problem solved. A high ping player can never beat a low ping player in a proper game....

    I am pretty sure most of the other stuff will be in the game, if not at launch, down the road. there are tons of guns and gun mods in the world that if they were to properly research and add them all, we would have one hell of a dynamic game.

    I DISAGREE with marking locations. EVEN IF you were to mark them on a map, you marked them on YOUR MAP, not your teammate who is 500 feet in another direction. IF the maverick devs are smart, we will have a direction bar at the top of the screen like in pubg, where when you see an enemy, you can call out what # corresponds to their direction. "enemy 105 east" for example, or "west 285". Then you know where generally to look, like by calling it out through a radio. Marking friendly maps if implemented, should only work when standing next to each other. Or like pubg where its just used for meeting up at locations as pulling up the map makes you a sitting duck (as it should).

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    @namco-0001 said in My suggestions.:

    If anything, servers should simply sort by ping.

    I agree.
    But ingame fps and ping counters are useless.