Final "Circle"

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    The final circle should never end in an open field and turn the game into a "snakefest". Instead, I would like it if it always ended at one of your more polished areas where there is plenty of cover to use of blow up and nice flanking routes.

    The reason why I quoted "circle" is because I don't know if it will be a circle. Maybe it will be a brand new mechanic to bring people together at the end.

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    I'm more a fan of randomized final zones, where ever they may be. If you force the final zone to be only one of a select view areas, you can bet your ass there is going to be a whole meta on the best placement to be, etc. Someone will find some way to shoehorn a specific way to get a hand up on everyone else, and then the entire remaining population will be doing it.

    Just keep it random and keep it fun.

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    @skoll-0001 +1 random is always better here you want to make each match as unique as possible

  • This one is not for final circle only but maybe all circles/areas.

    Could it be possible that getting hit won't start immediately when hitting the circle. This would give us more tactics how to enter area.

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    People can't hide in the grass if you can see the trails they left crawling through it... or if you burn it down :ghost:


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