Trouble opening game with Avast Virus Protector.

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    Hello, having trouble launching the game.
    I have avast virus protector and the protector believed the game was a virus went to discredit that; opened the launcher up and nothing. I keep clicking launch and the game doesn't pop up.

    I've tried to uninstall/reinstall and it seems as if I can never fully uninstall the same. I redownload the launcher then when I open it its ready to launch already no downloading the game for 20 + minutes, its ready in seconds. So there for never completely uninstalled.
    Is there anyway to uninstall the game COMPLETELY? I've tried deleting folders and uninstalling but nothing works.

    Any tip???

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    I have the same issue but with AVG antivirus. I took it out of quarantine but it forced it right back in. I can't seem to figure out to get my software to allow it.

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    I got the same problem, Avast flagged the GameLauncher.exe as a threat and moved it to quarantine. Now the game doesn't launch and trying to reset in avast doesn't seem to work. Seems like i need to do a clean install 😕

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    I have a similar problem with avast moving gamelauncher.exe into quarantine. not sure how to solve that.

  • Admin

    You'll need to completely remove all mavericks folders, also remove folders found in %appdata% (search your PC for this folder, if it doesn't show you'll need to enable show hidden files)

    Once it's removed everything, you'll need to whitelist the .exe you get in your Anti virus. Seems to mainly be Avast and AVG